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ARMSTRONG Lieutenant Frances Leofric, 15th Battalion AIF
AUCHTERLONIE Lieutenant Archibald Vivian, 25th Battalion AIF
BAGE Captain Edward Frederick Robert, 3rd Field Coy. Aust Engineers AIF
BEEKEN Lieutenant Wilhelm Christian, 3rd Battalion AIF
BURNARD 2nd Lieutenant Eric Mountjoy, Canterbury Battalion NZEF
CADELL Lieutenant Thomas Leonard, 3rd Battalion AIF
CAMPBELL Captain Sydney James, 8th Light Horse Regiment AIF
CARGO 2nd Lieutenant James Roy, Wellington Battalion NZEF
COFFEE Lieutenant Frank Matthew, 24th Battalion AIF
CONCANON Captain George Lewis Blake, 2nd Battalion AIF
COSTIN Lieutenant (MG Officer) Joseph William, 9th Battalion AIF
CRIBB Major Charles William Edward, Canterbury Battalion NZEF
CROCKER Captain Robert Clive, 2nd Field Artillery Brigade AIF
DECK 2nd Lieutenant Robin Howell, Canterbury Mounted Rifles NZEF
DIGGES LA TOUCHE 2nd Lieutenant Everard, 2nd Battalion AIF
ELMSLIE Major James McGregor, Wellington Mounted Rifles NZEF
FADDY Lieutenant Francis Horatio, 13th Battalion AIF
FETHERS Major Erle Finlayson Denton, 5th Battalion AIF
FREEMAN Lieutenant Douglas Stephen, 15th Battalion AIF
GILLISON Captain (Chaplain 4th Class) The Reverend Andrew, 4th Infantry Brigade AIF
GRACE 2nd Lieutenant Thomas Marshall Percy ('Hamie'), Wellington Battalion NZEF
HALL Captain Sydney Raymond, 10th Battalion AIF
HANLY Lieutenant John Matthew, 5th Light Horse Regiment AIF
HARRIS Lieutenant Colonel (CO) Hubert Jennings Imrie, 5th Light Horse Regiment AIF
HARRY Captain Samuel William, 15th Battalion AIF
HAYTER Lieutenant Cyril, Canterbury Mounted Rifles NZEF
HOGGART Captain William Ross, 14th Battalion AIF
JENKINS Major Richard Lewis Hay Blake, 20th Battalion AIF
JOHNSON Major Frederick Miller, 6th Fld Ambulance AAMC AIF
KELLY 2nd Lieutenant George Edward Eccleston, 2nd Battalion AIF
KELSALL Captain Victor Albert, Wellington Mounted Rifles NZEF
LA NAUZE Captain Charles Andrew, 11th Battalion AIF
LALOR Captain Joseph Peter ('Joe'), 12th Battalion AIF
LANE Major Cyril Herbert Dodson, 18th Battalion AIF
LUTHER Captain John Fitzmaurice Guy , 15th Battalion AIF
MACE Lieutenant William Ralph, 19th Battalion AIF
MACKESY 2nd Lieutenant Henry Frederick Ernest, Auckland Mounted Rifles NZEF
MacLAURIN Colonel, Brigadier (CO) Henry Normand, 1st Aust Inf. Bde HQ AIF
MALONE Lieutenant Colonel (CO) William George, Wellington Battalion NZEF
MATHISON Captain Gordon Clunes Mackay, AAMC (attached 5th Bn) AIF
MENTEATH Lieutenant Charles Bruce Stuart, Wellington Battalion NZEF
NICHOLAS (Served as JAMES) Lieutenant James Cornelius, Auckland Mounted Rifles NZEF
OVERTON Major Percy John, Canterbury Mounted Rifles NZEF
QUINN Major Hugh, 15th Battalion AIF
RIDGWAY 2nd Lieutenant Isaac Althorpe, 6th Battalion AIF
ROBERTSON Lieutenant Thomas, 15th Battalion AIF
SCOBIE Lieutenant Colonel (CO) Robert, 2nd Battalion AIF
SHOUT Captain Alfred John, 1st Battalion AIF
SIMPSON Lieutenant William Stephen, Auckland Battalion NZEF
SMITH Lieutenant Frederick George, 2nd Battalion AIF
SPARGO Lieutenant Edwin Bennett, 6th Battalion AIF
STATHAM Major Frank Hadfield, Otago Battalion NZEF
STEWART Lieutenant Colonel (CO) Douglas Everard Macbean, Canterbury Battalion NZEF
TAYLER Lieutenant George Washington, Wellington Battalion NZEF
VASSY Lieutenant Peter Constantine, AASC AIF
WALE 2nd Lieutenant Philip George, 7th Battalion AIF
WALLACK Captain Gordon Townhsend, 2nd Battalion AIF
WALSH Major John Francis, 15th Battalion AIF
WATERS Lieutenant Leslie John, 15th Battalion AIF
WHITEHEAD 2nd Lieutenant Henry Eric, 8th Light Horse Regiment AIF
WILLIAMS Lieutenant Herbert Edwin, 1st Battalion AIF
YOUDEN 2nd Lieutenant Frederick Charles, 15th Battalion AIF


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