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Major Frederick Miller JOHNSON
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Major (Medical Officer) Frederick Miller

6th Field Ambulance, Army Medical Corps, Australian Imperial Force

Born 2nd April 1863 at Hobart, Tasmania

Educated: Horton College, Tasmania; University of Melbourne, Victoria; Edinburgh University, Scotland

Married; Surgeon, of 32 St. Vincent Place, Albert Park, Melbourne, Victoria

Next of Kin listed as: Wife; Evelyn Annie Johnson, of 42 Percival Road, Stanmore, Sydney, NSW

Photos of Major Johnson are known to exist in the following locations:
The Kangaroo Vol 1 No 3. Sydney Town & Country Journal 30 Sep 1914 p26 & 12 May 1915 p26. Sydney Mail 12 May 1915 p12

Died of wounds
29th November 1915
at Lone Pine
Aged 52

6th Field Ambulance, AIF


Lone Pine cemetery


Faithful Unto Death


CWGC lists NOK (in addition to wife) as: Father; George Thomas Johnson. Mother; Flora Macdonald Johnson (nee MacIntyre).

One year student of Medicine; Ch.M., MD Edinburgh, MD Melbourne (ad eundem). Arrived Anzac at 'end of August.'

'On 29th November 1915, in the Lone Pine trenches, he was killed by shell concussion; he was constantly under fire, and had previously had several narrow escapes.' (University of Melbourne Record of Active Service p25).

Embarked as Captain on HMAT A31, 'Ajana', from Melbourne on 4 Jun 1915.

Biography and photo, 'University of Edinburgh Roll of Honour' p48.
128th Casualty List. Town & Country Journal 5 Jan 1916 p16.

Divisional Sanitary Officer. Practised medicine in South Melbourne for 'about 30 years'.
A letter from Captain Johnson to his wife appears in the Melbourne Herald 20 Dec 1915 p1.

Buried alive, Lone Pine; 29th November:
'These deep saps and shallow tunnels had always given excellent protection against bullets and field-artillery; now that they were bombarded by heavy guns, they proved merely a dangerous trap. The sides and roofs were blown in, burying members of the garrison. In the 24th Battalion fourteen men were thus suffocated. The divisional sanitary officer, Major Miller Johnson, who had been inspecting the Pine when the bombardment started, and who had at once established an improvised aid-post, was smothered, along with the men whom he was tending.' (Bean V2 p850).

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