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Lieut. W.G. Skelton, Canterbury Battalion, NZEF

Lieut. W.G. Skelton, NZEF

References - Books

Following are some of the sources drawn upon for the information contained in the database of Anzac soldiers who died at, or as the result of their service on, the Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915. The many newspapers consulted are not yet included.

Not all references are complete. Where a detail needs to be checked, this is indicated by the word CHECK in the space to which it refers. This is solely for my information, in order that I can update the page.

There are a number of references which I have used in addition to those listed, but which are not yet included.

Lieut. T.N.W. Hill, AIF

Lieut. T.N.W. Hill, AIF

This Page lists Book references. All other references are located on a separate page. Use the links below for access.

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