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Lieutenant G.C. Mayne, NZEF

Lieut. G.C. Mayne,
Canterbury Mtd. Rfls, NZEF.
KIA 8 Aug 1915 aged 30.
Information being sought for records

The Razor Edge and Sphinx, Anzac
Capt. R.M.F. Hooper, AIF

Capt. R.M.F. Hooper,
5th Battalion, AIF.
KIA 9 Aug 1915 aged 26.

Below are some of the main elements we are still trying to locate for inclusion in the database
of Anzacs who died at Gallipoli:


For some officers we still have no photograph. Even when we know where photos are to be found, these are often in newspapers and of extremely poor quality, especially after being photocopied from microfilm. In some cases they are too small, or too dark to photocopy.

For some we have not been able to locate even a photograph in a newspaper.

Should anybody have a photo of an Anzac who died at Gallipoli, or know the location of such a photo, we would greatly appreciate a copy for inclusion in the database. Please contact John Meyers or Bryn Dolan and, with your permission, arrangements could be made to have this done.

(Contact details at foot of this Page)

Details from official certificates:

While in many cases we know the number of the birth certificate of those who eventually became officers, we do not have the actual certificates. Should anybody have the birth, marriage or (if the soldier died in Australia) death certificate, or details from the wills of these soldiers, we would also greatly appreciate hearing from you. We currently have no details at all on birth certificates of those soldiers born in Scotland.

Soldiers who died after returning to Australia or New Zealand:

Though we have found some, there must be more soldiers who were wounded or became ill at Gallipoli and died after their return home, as the result of those wounds or illness. This is one of the more difficult areas to pin down, as it would of course be quite possible to argue that ANY wound or illness sustained would probably eventually cause death earlier than it would have occurred otherwise. For this reason, we have set the cut-off year for my investigating such cases as 1920, unless a member of the family approaches us with information. As an example, see the record for Lieutenant-Colonel R.E. Courtney, who died of illness attributed to his Gallipoli service, in Melbourne, in 1919. Another, similar case that has recently come to my attention is that of Chaplain Dore, of the NZEF. This has been confirmed, and Chaplain Dore's name will be added to the list soon.

Any other information relating to an Anzac who died at Gallipoli or his family.

The information contained on this web site represents only a fraction of that contained in the database on Anzacs killed at Gallipoli. For one thing, it lists the officers only.

The underlying database, on which this web site is based, contains ALL those soldiers killed at, or as a result of their service on, the Gallipoli Peninsula, including deaths among prisoners of war and those that died at sea, in Greece, Egypt, Malta, Gibraltar and England. Information on officers tends to be more detailed, mainly because 'officers' is a much smaller subset of the whole, and therefore easier to concentrate on, and because newspapers of the day tended (but not always) to include more information about officers. Even so, it tends to be extremely difficult to locate information on some individuals.
Nevertheless, after researching since 1985, the one thing we are confident of is this: there is always more information somewhere. Finding where it's located is the only real problem.

Any information, corrections, suggestions? We can be contacted at:

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Bryn Dolan

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John Meyers

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